We create web applications and websites that are a delight to use.

Aria Media designs and develops easy to use, highly effective internet-based business applications and websites. Our specialty is creating clarity in the midst of complexity. We work as close collaborators with our clients, to discover their needs and develop solutions and services to meet them.

We utilize a robust design and development methodology that seeks to solve the underlying business need, for all its complexity, in a complete and effective manner — while at the same time making it simple and efficient for people to use.

We can work with you to develop a vision for your website or web application, create a design that leverages your business opportunites, and implement it in a cost-effective way.


Web Application Development

Aria Media designs and develops web applications for businesses that function in the browser, anywhere you have an internet connection. We have developed scheduling and time management systems, content management systems, and knowledge base applications for our clients. Our focus is on creating applications that are both effective and a pleasure to use.

Website Design

Website design is a multi-faceted discipline that can include graphics, content, business strategy and functionality. What isn't often apparent is that visitors experience websites as virtual spaces that they enter into and navigate through. We architect virtual spaces on the web using state of the art usability methodologies so that visitors experience your website in the best light possible.

Internet Marketing Strategy

Our approach to internet marketing strategy begins with design. But a successful strategy may also require search engine optimization, or internet advertising. Getting a website to list at or near the top of search results for a given search term can sometimes be much easier than it seems. We work with clients to help drive traffic to their websites using current SEO best practices.

Website Content Development

We have found that our clients often have difficulty developing content for their websites. It is not as easy as it would seem, and without training and experience, it can be especially difficult to do it well. We can work with you or your company to either guide the process of content development, or take on the lion's share of it for you.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design refers to a set of relatively new techniques that adapt your site to the device being used to view it, from small smart phones to very large monitors, so it looks just as good, and is equally as usuable, on all of them. We can adapt your existing website, or create a new one employing responsive techniques.

Technical Administration

Email administration, web server administration, website hosting, DNS, domain registration and management, or web services — Leave it to us to handle the technical aspects of your presence on the internet for you.

Print Design

Our clients often need printed matter that they use day to day, such as business cards, letterhead, leaflets, signs, presentation displays — designed, properly prepared and sent to the printer. While print design isn't our specialty, we can easily and economically handle this type of work for you.


Our clients often need photos taken for their websites, of staff, their operations, their property or products. We not only can take the photos you need, but also prepare them for your site, cropped and resized as necessary (whether we take them or not).



Pulical is a scheduling, time tracking and reporting application created for the cleaning services company Puliconsult SA, located in Caslano, Switzerland, to manage their employees and calculate both salaries and billable hours. Personnel managers are able to use the web application either from computers in the office, or from mobile tablets while out in the field, giving them all up to date, detailed information on their whole operation no matter where they are. We continue to collaborate closely with Puliconsult to improve Pulical.

TCM DataCentre

The TCM DataCentre is a knowledge base created for the company Lian Chinaherb AG, located near Zurich, Switzerland. Lian Chinaherb is a leading supplier of Chinese medical herbs and recipes for practictioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) throughout Europe. The TCM DataCentre consolodates, from many sources, a very wide array of information regarding Chinese herbs and their medical applications in a searchable, well-organized online resource, that both Lian Chinaherb staff and their clients use on a daily basis. Screenshots »

Maisons du Leman

Maisons du Leman is an innovative real estate development company in Geneva, Swizerland for whom we have developed numerous websites, featuring high resolution 3D renderings of the properties to be built. With our assistance, Maisons du Leman's marketing strategy has been highly successful. We have implemented a simple but effective search engine optimization strategy for them that has significantly increased their ranking for over 50 search terms most often used for real estate in the Geneva region. Take a look here »

La Jolla Residential

La Jolla Residential is a highly successful real estate agency in La Jolla California, a bit north of San Diego on the Pacific coastline. We developed their unique website about 10 years ago to differentiate them from other agents in the area who typically use lower quality "production line" websites that all look nearly identical. The website untilizes our in-house content management system to efficiently handle the constant turnover of pages, images and text as new listings are added, reserved, and then moved to the sold section. See for yourself » is a website we did for an individual that develops and produces special effects for movies and advertising in Switzerland, such as rain, wind, snow, fog, explosions and fire. It features a portfolio of embedded YouTube videos as a compilation of his work. As you can see here, not all of our projects are large, complex affairs. Sometimes a simple, quick website can effectively convey what you offer to prospective clients.

Le Contrade Restaurant

Because of the fluid nature of the medium, websites we've lovingly built eventually disappear, some sooner than others. Such is the case with our site for Le Contrade in the Chianti region of Italy. A new chef recently took over, and brought his own web developer with him, who replaced our site with another. But thanks to the "magic" of DNS, we can still show you the previous version here »


The WebStudio is our own content management system that we first developed about 12 years ago, and have continued to revise as web technologies have advanced. This simple CMS remains true to its original design goals of being easy and efficient to use, and it's had no trouble adapting to the more interactive and dynamic browser enviroment in use today. As such, it remains our preferred CMS platform, as we can flexibly and easily program modern, Javascript-driven templates within it, such as those in use at


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